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The girls that love helping you dress with a smile – on a passionate mission to show every woman, (whatever their age, shape, size or budget,) style tricks to make them feel good about their bodies and enjoy getting dressed… every day.

gay & Kate Sussex 246The Wardrobe Diet Programme was divinely dropped upon us in a pool in Florida in October 2015.

We cannot tell how excited we got, because we have actually been teaching this to our Style Me Confident clients for the past 10 years… we just didn’t call it The Wardrobe Diet Programme!

We would love to educate you to love the body you have, understand how to disguise the parts you don’t like, show off the parts you do like and eliminate the frustration of having ‘nothing to wear’.

The Wardrobe Diet Programme is an online programme to cater for anyone and everyone, especially those who have really busy lives. You will see results instantly the moment you change a colour or wear a new style and that will provoke compliments from friends, family and even strangers!

Our experience

Gay trained at the London College of Fashion and has an innate sense of style and dressing ideas. She has worked with 100’s of ladies from age 14-80, to make them all smile in their clothes.  She is a genius at teaching you how to love your body and understand what to wear to make you feel confident and happy, every time you get dressed. It’s about following easy steps and guidelines and then just doing it!

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Kate also trained at the London College of Fashion and whilst being creative, also has a love of all things technical – anything from social media to photography. She is completely brilliant at interpreting ‘Gay on video’ to produce 100’s of informative style videos that we share with you. Kate manages the back office organisation and day-to-day running of The Wardrobe Diet Programme, it just wouldn’t work without her!

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The Wardrobe Diet Programme loves the people below because they are passionate about what they believe in and contribute to a balanced ‘mode of living’. This is the essence of The Wardrobe Diet.

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